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Publiceringsdato 29.04.2024

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Danish customer support rockstar wanted in sunny Malaga!

Are you an exquisite Danish speaker? Do you have a passion for helping others? Dream of merging your career with an exciting life under the Spanish sun in Malaga? Then, this might be the golden ticket you’ve been waiting for: Work for an electric car charging station company!
When you join our team, you're not just starting a new job, you're embarking on a cultural journey. Experience the meticulous precision and transparency of Danish business ethics combined with the vivacity and warmth of Spanish life. It's like traveling between two worlds without ever leaving your desk.
Here, you'll grow professionally while enjoying the richness of diverse traditions, cultivating both your career and your global perspective. Dive into this rare blend and let it elevate every facet of your professional journey.


  • Perks & Benefits: Competitive salary with raises after 6 and 12 months, paid flight tickets, help with setting up necessary paperwork with government officials.
  • Location, Location, Location: Work in the heart of picturesque Malaga. Beaches, tapas, and rich history right at your doorstep.
  • A Nordic Taste: Experience a unique blend of Spanish and Nordic culture.
  • Personal Growth: Small team dynamics mean you're more than just a number. Your input will be valued and your personal growth, a priority.
  • Work-Life Balance: We believe in hard work but also understand the importance of downtime. Enjoy generous vacation time and flexible hours.


  • Language Mastery: Outstanding skills in Danish. Other languages especially English are always a plus.
  • Passionate Communicator: You thrive in assisting customers, resolving their issues, and ensuring they have a positive experience.
  • Team Player: While you can stand your ground solo, you understand the magic of collaboration.
Our origin story begins in the serene landscapes of Norway, a country known for its breathtaking fjords, a rich tapestry of culture, and robust business ethics. Over time, as our journey expanded, we found ourselves entwined with the enchanting allure of Malaga, Spain. The transition between these two landscapes might seem vast, but we’ve found harmony in blending the best of both worlds.
Ready to embark on your new adventure and make waves with us in Malaga? Send us your CV today!

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